Thursday, April 14, 2011


I drink 3 servings from this water bottle, which is equivalent to 96 ounces. Sure, I end up peeing more than a pregnant lady, but its so vital to good health. How much do you drink everyday?


Anonymous said...

Drinking enough water is on of my biggest struggles. I sometimes only manage to drink 40 oz. and I should be drinking at least 80.

It's great that you manage to drink so much!

Dee said...

Thanks for stopping by Faith:)I just like to get stuff over with, so I just chug it down all before dinner lol

Jamie said...

Hey Dee.

Drinking water is still very hard for me. I drink about 2 bottles of water at work, and then a cup at night. It's difficult for me.

I'm having a hard time getting away from pop. I stopped drinking for a few weeks, but I now I've been sneaking. I'll get there sooner or later haha.

Keep it up Dee!!!