Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Update

C25K: W3D3
3% incline, 3.6mph(walking), 5.2mph (running)
Punching bag-15 min.(My new love!!)
50 jumping jacks
80 oz. H20
1258 calories consumed

After this workout tonight, my abs felt like they were on fire for about an hour.  VERY annoying!!I suppose running and hitting the punching bag are to blame for that.  But as the saying goes, "no pain no gain". 

I'm a little worried about what I have on my social calendar for the remainder of the week.  Tomorrow night a few girlfriends and I are going to see a chic flick, "Valentine's Day".  Will I be able to refrain from get that salty bag of goodness and saturating it with cups of butter??On Friday I'm going to a Pure Romance party at a friends house.  A bunch of women laughing at naughty stuff always leads to eating without thinking.  Blah!!Saturday I'm going to a friend's house to play Bunco(dice game).  Everybody is bringing something that is not kind to the waistline.  What the hell am I doing?? I think this is going to be a major test of my will power.  I suppose I should at least go to each event thinking "moderation".


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