Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday update

C25K W3D2
10 min. Elliptical 1.06 mi. 163 calories
10 push ups
50 sit ups
40 bicep curls-8lb. weights
1365 calories consumed
80 oz. H20

I just want to quickly say that I actually enjoyed running tonight.  I think that the incline I was previously running (5%) was a bit too much.  So I switch it to a 2% incline and did a heck of a lot better.  Going to bed now!Nite nite:)



Rosa said...

Great job. But don't forget to use some incline for variety; especially if you plan on racing. Congrats!

Dee said...

Thanks Rosa but I've been doing 5% incline until this particular run. That factors into variety;)