Monday, February 1, 2010

Maybe a little TMI

Well I'm moving right along with this dieting and exercising thing but there is one problem. I don't remember the last time I've, well, pooped!!That's NOT good at all. Its been at least a week:/I'm always watching how many grams of fiber I eat everyday. I've never been blessed with good bowel movements unfortunately. I'm really sick of having to resort to laxatives to get things moving. I drink at least 100 oz. of water daily. So I'm not quite sure what the problem is. But I think I'm going to look into purchasing a colon cleanser of some sort. If you have any products you woul recommend, I would love to check them out.

Today's stats:
Couch to 5k W1Wo2:
31 min. 330 calories, 3.4mph (walking), 5mph(running)
4285 steps, 1.99 miles
50 situps
10 minute stretch
1270 calories consumed

Its almost 9pm and I didn't hit my goal of 1400 calories. I guess that's not a bad thing I suppose. Well, I'm going to watch some Anime before heading off to snoozeville.



Rosa said...

A better question is what are you eating in your day that causes you to be so constipated. Because there can be fiberous foods that aren't particularly good at moving things along. Do you feel bloated? Gassy? In pain?

Whenever I used to have trouble going (and even with my kids), I drink Prune juice. Old school. But it works. And if you drink 2 servings a day until you get regular, you will be more happy for it.

Congrats on getting on the C25K. Good luck and much success.

Dee said...

Hi Rosa!!Thanks for becoming a follower:)I will definitely try prune juice. A friend suggested an enema but I don't think I'm that brave!


MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

I was just looking at the C25K website today. Good luck w/ it!

My dietitian informed me that apricots and flax seed (whole, not grinded) are also natural "bm aides". Hope that helps...Apricots can certainly get things moving along.

Gwenny said...

I have added you to my follow list as I feel we have a lot in common! Have you had these bathroom issues before? I have always had similar trouble having regular movements. I had a bunch of tests done only to discover I simply have a longer bowel and intestinal tract than a normal person. Even on my mostly raw fruit and vegetable diet with 8 glasses of water a day, I still find it very challenging to go every 3 days if I am lucky. My doctor suggested a natural softener I take daily and it does help. I also have almost completely stopped eating any red meats as I have been told that "clogs the pipes". LOL.

Good luck!

Red Writing said...

hey there! sorry for your troubles. An enema really isn't that bad--it would be quick relief.

My daughter has chronic constipation and Miralax (over the counter powder) is the only thing that works for her.

Good luck!

Dee said...

Thanks for all of the suggestion ladies!!
@Gwenny I think that after having children, the problems I've had have become increasingly worse:(

@Red Writing I am thinking about doing a enema and then drinking prune juice daily to see if that gets me regular.

If none of that stuff works, then I guess its time to see my doctor.


Gwenny said...

Dee - Same thing with me. I had a C-Section and always joke that they just shoved everything back inside haphazardly and hence the trouble my food has getting through the

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

I'd go with prune juice/prunes and lots of raw things- salad, 100%veg/fruit huice before doing any kind of colon cleanse... I've read/heard from doctors that they're not very safe or good for you unless supervised by a really experienced doctor

Good luck either way!