Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm loving this feeling!

I've been inspired lately to make different meals and trying something out of the norm. I love opening my fridge and figuring out what "new" meal I can come up with. People often say that dieting is expensive. well its not breaking the bank here;) I remembered that I had a bunch of frozen blueberries, so I thawed them overnight and made a smoothie for breakfast this morning. Yummy!!
My husband asked if there was anything in it besides blueberries lol. There's yogurt, skim milk, banana, a few cubs of ice, and about 2 tsp of sugar. It was VERY filling!!

For dinner, I didn't feel like making anything super complicated so I had two tuna sandwiches on wheat. I haven't had tuna in a LONG time and it was heavenly. I think I'm going to make a tuna casserole for lunch tomorrow if I have the time. Here's a pic of the sandwiches:D

Today's stats:
C25K W1W3
31 min. 3.5mph(walk),5mph(run) 3.33 calories burned, 4288 steps, 2.01 miles
40 squats with arm raises; 3lb. weights
20 pushups
20 side leg raises(per leg)
100 oz. H20
1434 calories consumed
Time for me to lay down and watch some anime. I hope everyone has had a great day;)


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