Friday, December 4, 2009

So stressed!!

I love my children dearly but I think they seriously were trying to have me declared insane. If it wasn't my 3 year old daughter Ayannia peeing on the floor, it was my baby girl Saiya clinging to me like velcro. I'm so freakin' tired. Now I have to clean up the lunch mess, workout, put another load in the wash, then get everyone ready to go to my 7 yr. old son Malique's school tonight to make a Gingerbread house. My four year old Kaine is overly chatty these days. When his sister doesn't want to play, he tries to force her to play. WTF??The weather isn't helping much either. My baby girl was diagnosed with pneumonia on Tuesday(she has not been herself one bit:/)so not much outside activity is going to happen since its in the low 20s today. I need a freakin' break. I really hope this stress doesn't affect my weigh-in tomorrrow. UGH!!!!I love my children!! I love my children!! I love my children!!


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