Friday, November 20, 2009

Perfect timing

After complaining about not having any support from my mommy friends with being accountable for our weight, I literally found a challenge hours after I blogged. It definitely must be faith. I NEED this to get these last 10lbs. gone for good. I'm in a Christmas Challenge thanks to 266:) I really have to focus. I've got a feeling that the scale won't be kind to me at tomorrow's weigh-in. I've been on a "nibble" fest all week. I've been nibbling when I make every meal. And knowing that I'm doing so, sadly I continued for the majority of the week. This just freakin' blows. I have been keeping up with exercising though, so I could be in for a surprise. Who am I kidding?? I'm just gonna expect a gain and move on. I'm not perfect. I know what I did wrong. This challenge will get me back on track!! Until tomorrow........


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Shelley said...

Glad you found a challenge to help with your motivation! As for the nibbling, I swear, some days (weeks) are just like that for me. Chewing gum when I'm preparing meals helps keep me from popping things into my mouth.

Good luck on your weigh in!