Monday, November 30, 2009

Exercise Log?

I've been searching for a few days now for an online exercise tracker that can be used on my blog but I've found NOTHING! I can't believe that isn't available. I don't want to continue to using my text log because eventually it will be a mile long. I would like something that revolves and looks simple. I'm sick of looking for one!!IF you have one, PLEASE let me know. Thanks!


Saturday, November 28, 2009


Weigh-in: 145.3
Weight loss: 2.9!!
Only 9.3 lbs to go:)

I just knew that after last week's weak moment, that I had totally ruined any chance of losing weight. I just wasn't giving a crap for a few days. I beat myself up really hard about it too. Well, as it turns out, exercise really does work!!! I can't believe I lost so much. I was expecting a gain or breaking even. I must have squealed for about five minutes after I weighed in lol. My husband was shocked too;)I actually LOST weight during Thanksgiving week. I didn't think that was even possible. I owe it all to my food scale. If something ever happened to it, I think I would go insane. Its definitely the key to my weight loss success. I don't think I would have gotten this far without it. I really gave it my all with my workouts though(If you look on the left and scroll down a little, you'll see what I did this week). I really hate to cut this short, but I must tend to my family and get some breakfast going. I hope you all enjoy the rest of this long weekend:)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm truly blessed:)

Today, we all gave thanks for various reasons. I have so much to be grateful for.

An amazing husband and father that loves me unconditionally. He's my best friend and I adore him.

I have four beautiful healthy children that I wouldn't be able to go a day without hugging or kissing. They are my world.

I have a roof over my head and food in the pantry. We all tend to take those things for granted. People in different parts of the world can't say the same......

I have parents who have been married for 30 years and taught me the true meaning of marriage.

I have two siblings who I talk to daily. We've always been close:)

In regards to eating today, I did great!!! Having a food scale really did the trick. I ate 1529 in total today. I feel so happy about that. I prepared everything the healthy way and I even had dessert TWICE. I feel amazing and just plain happy right now. I even exercised earlier. I would never have thought that I would be working out on a holiday!!

Well I'm going to go and enjoy the remainder of the night with my hubby since the kids are asleep. I hope that everyone had a great day surrounded by family, friends, and love:)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


That's one word to describe what I'm doing to myself and this weight loss journey. For the last two days, I just haven't committed myself to my goals at all. Why with 12 lbs. left, I've decided to do this? Why am I not taking responsibility for my actions? Why haven't I worked out in two days? Why am I doing this???Ughhhhhhh:/ Its like I'm purposely throwing in the towel. What am I afraid of? Is it being "normal"? Is it not being able to hide under my XL winter coat that is too big for me now? I have so many questions about myself but I don't know where to find the answers that I'm looking for. I'm not certain if its the weather that's just throwing me off course(been raining and been stuck home with a sick child), but this isn't a good place to be in mentally. This just freakin' bites! I need to get a grip before this gets out of control........


Saturday, November 21, 2009

As expected......

Weight: 148.2
1.8 lbs. gained

I have no one to blame and no excuses. I fell off the wagon this week. I nibbled way too much. It is what it is. I'm not going to do wallow in self-pity all week because that won't do me any good. On the plus side, I'm not back in the 150s and I lost an inch on my waist, so those are my NSV(non-scale victories). My goal for next week is to be at 145. I really need to get a grip with my calories and continue to journal. I also want to exercise seven days this week. We'll see what actually ends up happening at my next weigh-in. If I don't challenge myself, I'll never get rid of these last 12 lbs. Well I don't have too much to write at the moment. If that changes, I'll be back;) Enjoy your weekend!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Perfect timing

After complaining about not having any support from my mommy friends with being accountable for our weight, I literally found a challenge hours after I blogged. It definitely must be faith. I NEED this to get these last 10lbs. gone for good. I'm in a Christmas Challenge thanks to 266:) I really have to focus. I've got a feeling that the scale won't be kind to me at tomorrow's weigh-in. I've been on a "nibble" fest all week. I've been nibbling when I make every meal. And knowing that I'm doing so, sadly I continued for the majority of the week. This just freakin' blows. I have been keeping up with exercising though, so I could be in for a surprise. Who am I kidding?? I'm just gonna expect a gain and move on. I'm not perfect. I know what I did wrong. This challenge will get me back on track!! Until tomorrow........


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was just thinking about my weigh-in day. I've been weighing in on Wednesdays lately because some of my mommy friends figured they needed the motivation and accountability. Well after a month, they've dropped off like flies. I feel like I shouldn't even bother with tomorrow's weigh-in. (Last week I was the only one who bothered to even post my weight). I think I'm going to go back to a Saturday weigh-in instead. I was hoping everyone would stick it out but it didn't happen:( I've been searching for some sort of weight loss challenge but haven't came up with anything as of yet, so if you know of anything out in blog land, please leave me a comment! "See" you all on Saturday for my next round with the scale.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A girl could get use to this!

Weight: 146.4
Pounds lost: 0.9

I haven't had the chance to really blog the last few weeks as I would have liked since life is super busy right now. Parent teacher conferences, getting some Christmas shopping done, everyday errands, and spending time with the kids is a LOT of work. But I think keeping busy also helps me on this journey. I don't have time to say "I can't do this" or "I don't feel like eating that". I'm a planner by default (its in the genes) and I beat myself up if I don't follow through with something. That's goes for every aspect of my life. I'm at the 10 lbs to go mark and I must admit I'm a tad bit afraid that its going to become even more difficult to lose weight the last few weeks. I have read that the last 10 lbs are the hardest to lose. I'm probably going to lose an additional 10 lbs. but I'll access that when I reach my goal. That amount of weight loss can make a huge difference, so we'll see. Passing by mirrors, I almost don't recognize myself if that makes any sense. I'm starting to actually "see" the hard work and dedication. This is an amazing feeling that I don't ever want to go away. In the back of my mind, I will always wonder why did I wait this long to get it together?

On another note, today as you know is Veteran's day. I don't have anyone close in my family that served our nation but I would like to say thank you to those who have and are doing so right now. God bless you!

Happy Hump Day everyone, I hope you enjoy the rest of the week;)