Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weigh-In and Apology

I want to first start off with the apology. I'm so sorry for my ridiculous negativity on my last blog post. I've reread it a 100 times and I can't believe I actually wrote that. I mean I was just full of anger and hate for myself. I did not like the path I was headed down. Most of you(I assume) are following my blog for support and motivation and I obviously wasn't fit to give you those tools. For that I am truly sorry. I was headed to a really dark place that I didn't like the view of at all. I've worked too hard to just throw it all away I sincerely thank all of you for giving me the courage to keep trying and not give up.

Well after months of scale torture, its finally happened. I stepped on the scale of doom and it said 148.4;2.2 lbs down:;30 lbs gone since starting this blog(Lost 27lbs after the birth of my fourth child)So since October 3, 2008, I've lost 58 lbs!!!!!I broke the curse!! I focused like never before and succeeded. My mini-goal was to get to 149 and I'm there!!!If my children were awake, I think I would screamed but instead I just jumped and celebrated in silence:D Well today starts the kid's fall break, so I'm off to make breakfast and see what the day has in store.  Happy hump day and enjoy the rest of the week!!!



jo said...


Congrats on your well-deserved loss! Woo-hoo.

NO need to apologize! I love blogs that are honest, where feelings are real, and there's no sugar coating. I like real-life blogs. Your last post was just that. I think it helps me and others to know that others experience the same kinds of feelings and frustrations.

You're human--and that's life. That's what makes you a good motivator!

Again, congrats!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I agree with Jo, no need to apologize - that is exactly what a blog is for. A place where you can come & share your thoughts, vent, kick and scream and then turn around and post a great one like today, with some scale movement.

Keep taking it one day at a time, you are doing great lady!

(P.S., I totally read my own blog a bazillion times a day. Really. I do stalk my own blog. LOL)

Shelley said...

Gosh, Dee - it's your blog and you should write what you feel! I come here to read how you're doing, but if you were all fake and happy all the time it wouldn't be YOU and I'd probably lose interest.

Congratulations on reaching 148 - I am so happy for you!!! Too bad your kids were still asleep - I'll bet they would have celebrated with you!

Teena in Toronto said...

I've been having a hard time getting back on track :(

Congrats on the 2.2!

Happy blogoversary!

Fahrenheit 350° said...

Happy Blogoversary! If it makes you feel better I've supposedly been trying to lose weight for 215 days, and I've only lost 10 pounds. Ouch. I should really get on that.