Thursday, September 3, 2009

Still around

I just wanted to post a quickly apology for not updating and checking in. Well, I kind of needed a break. I have three kids getting ready to start school and I pretty much fell off the wagon. I'm human and it happens. I really don't feel bad about it, so I'm not going to sit here and have a pity party. It would be pointless. What's done is done, now its time to move forward. I'm not certain as to when I will weigh in next. Frankly, I'm thinking 2 weeks from now might be a good idea. So that I can get rid of the damage I did over the last couple of weeks lol. Well this is the last week before school starts, so I'm trying to get in as much fun stuff as I possibly can before then. Today I'm thinking a bike ride and then another workout during nap time for mommy. I can't believe that today my baby girl is 11 months old:( I kind of got depressed when hubby informed me that WE are done having children. I have been down right bitchy and I'm not certain how to move on. I know its not fair to him but what about me? Every time I try to "move on" I get 2x more bitchy. Being a woman truly sucks sometimes. Well I'm hoping that by jumping back into my fitness routine, I'll get over the bright idea of having another baby because hubby isn't going for it:( Well I need to get the kids breakfast and continue on with my day. Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!!


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Shelley said...

A break is ok...just don't stray too far from what you've been doing in your healthy lifestyle. I think we moms all get worn out right at the end of summer - hopefully your will get your batteries recharged now that school is starting again!