Tuesday, August 25, 2009


That number has been on my mind ever since I weighed in yesterday using my Wii Fit Board. Apparently, this is the weight I should be at for my height which is 5'2. My goal is 136. I would have a healthy BMI of 24.9 I believe. Why isn't that good enough?? I don't know if I have it in me to get down to 119. I mean seriously, after I gave birth to my fourth child in Oct. '08 I weighed 206. Now I'm at 150. IF I chose to reset my goal to 119, that would be 87 lbs. lost. I'm not trying to say I'm a super model but where are these additional pounds going to be coming from?? My hubby is already complaining about my tush "saying goodbye":(. I honestly don't know what to think about that number. Why is it bothering me so much? Why am I questioning my personal goal because of what some piece of technology said?? UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weigh-In, Etc. Etc.

Okay, I'm like pissed and happy all at the same time. I got on the scale twice just to be sure. I'm 150.1, 2.4lbs down from last week!!! For some reason, I desperately want out of the 150s but apparently the scale says this is not the week for that lol. I'm so happy though that I'm doing this. I'm actually on the verge of completing a lifestyle change. I'm actually going to be healthy and not wake up everyday feeling like I need to just stay in bed and hide. I've never had so much self-confidence in years. I've always had it in me to lose the weight but I just was stuck in "I don't feel like doing this" mode since I met my husband and started gaining that "happy love weight". My mom insists that I've lost enough weight but I'm just not satisfied until I'm at a healthy BMI. Some people tell me that the numbers don't matter. Well it does when your Dr. tells you that your unhealthy and being that I have a family history of diabetes, I seriously needed to do something about my weight. I've got a feeling that these last 14lbs. will give me a run for my money so I better continue on with my food diary and exercise log(that reminds me I should start posting that here for accountability). Thank you so much to those of you who continue to support me on this journey. I know that I wouldn't have gotten to this point without you. Well, motherhood calls!! Have a great week everyone:)


Monday, August 17, 2009

Weigh-In, Etc. Etc.

I want to start off by apologizing for those of you who may have been wondering if I fell off the face of the earth. My parents left today after visiting for 2 weeks. I didn't really have much time for the internet world since I hadn't seen them in over 3 years. It was an awesome visit and they did so many great things for their grand kids. We are already discussing plans for Christmas, YIPPEE!!! I pray that the visit would go well and God answered my prayers:)I was so spoiled while they were here that its gonna be a very long week getting back to "normal".:(

Anywho, I still worked out and kept up with my fitness routine despite caving in to some of my mom's down south cooking. Cabbage, red beans and rice, Rice Krispy treats, etc. The woman has still got it!! I posted my weigh-ins on the left and I'm very happy that I'm weighing less than what I was before my parents arrived.

152.6!! WOOT! WOOT! I'm so close to the 140s I can taste it. Its gonna be on this week. I absolutely REFUSE to be in the 150s next week. I plan to work out twice a day for the next week or so because that's just what I think it may take to lose 2.7 lbs this week. But I will definitely do it the safe way. My mom suggest a "soup diet". As much as I love soup, I don't think I can do that for an entire week!!

Well, I must go now since I have laundry to put away and four little rugrats to get fed. Have a great week everyone!!!