Monday, July 27, 2009

Weigh-In, Etc. Etc.

Well its my time of the month, so I wasn't expecting a big weight loss but is still a little disappointing. I only lost .4 this week. I know I may be a bit hard on myself, but I really work out intensely and to see only 153.0 is a bit shocking. I feel like I've been in the 150s forever. I just feel totally frustrated. Feel like going order a pizza and just eat it alone. But that won't do me one bit of good. I bet I would be feeling like crap if I were to do that so instead I'll just work extra hard this week hoping the scale is a bit more kind to me. I really need to work on my core this week. I'm sure you ladies know that after having children things get really lose in that area. Since I'm only 5'2, I have to work really hard at toning. It seems that the more I lose the more I think I might have to get a tummy tuck. Its weird to even consider that. I've NEVER had any type of surgery whatsoever so I'm not certain that's the route I want to take but its a thought just the same. I've had four kids. Two were over 8 lbs., one was over 10lbs. and one was over 7lbs. So I have a ton of toning to do in that area. I have 17 lbs. to go so I suppose I may reconsider going that route once I hit my goal weight. Well I have to go figure out what to do with the kids today. Have a good week everyone!