Saturday, June 27, 2009

Halfway there

I normally only blog once a week, but I wanted to reflect a little on how far I've traveled on this journey and how much further I need to go. When I started this blog, I weighed in at 179.2 and I'm now 157.4. I feel awesome!!I have so much more energy nowadays. Its great to get so many things accomplished without feeling like a slug. For NSV, I'm now in a very comfortable size 10!!!!I haven't been that size since my 2nd child was born. I caught a sale at the Fashion Bug and stocked up on capris and I just knew there was no way I could fit into a size 10. Boy was I ever wrong!!It feels good to know that everything I'm doing for my body is working. I really hope that I'm inspiring someone out there. Even though I'm a mom of four children, I'm still thriving on this journey. I'm just in that "NOTHING can stop me" mode. I've been wondering if I should aim for 130 for my goal weight instead of the initial 136lb. goal that I set. I guess I'll access that thought once I see that number on the scale. As always I hope you all are having a great weekend!



Karyn said...

Wow! You are doing great! Size 10 is an awesome victory! And only 21 pounds to go! Woo Hoo!

Dee said...

Thanks Karen!! I can hardly believe it:) I hope you're doing well:)


Shelley said...

Wow, you are doing so well! You must look amazing in your size 10's - you should post an updated picture!

I hear ya on the uncertainty over an exact goal I get closer (not as close as you, though!) I still don't know what mine will be. However, I do want it to be easily maintained - that is, I'm not starving to stay at a certain number.