Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Me!!!

This week I stepped it up a ton!! I lost FOUR pounds!!!!!!I'm on cloud nine regardless of the fact that its been raining for three days. Here's what I did for workouts this week:

6/1/09 Monday

Miles: 4.84
Calories burned: 751
Time: 60:32 min.

6/2 Tuesday
5.08 miles, 60.21 min., 787 calories burned

10 tricep extensions
30 bicep curls (both using 10lb weights)
20 chest press (using resistance bands)
10 min stretch

6/3 Wednesday
Running: Treadmill
Event Type: Uncategorized
Time: 01:17:47
Distance: 8.38 mi
Elevation Gain: --
Calories: 1,012 C

Copied from Garmin: Device Forerunner 50

6/4 Thursday-Rest

6/5 Friday
45 min.
4.08 miles
633 calories

6/6 Saturday
5.19 miles, 804 calories, 60:25 min.
100 crunches
20 bicep curls

6/7 rest

I'm super proud of myself:) I really focused on myself and did really well with my calories. I stayed within 1200-1300 calories everyday. I found new foods to try so that I wouldn't get bored. I didn't think it would be easy to get full off of such a low calorie amount, but its totally possible.

I can't wait until this horrible weather clears. The kids are driving me insane! They insist on waking up before 7am. This is not cool for a mom who's never ever going to be a morning person. BLAH!! Oh well, nothing lasts forever right? I suppose I should feed the kids since they've been up for about an hour. Have a great week everyone!!



Shelley said...

Down 4 pounds?!? You rock, Dee! Way to go on stepping it up - it really paid off!

And why is it that the kids will wake up at the crack of dawn during summertime, but not during the school year?

Dee said...

Thanks Shelley!! They are driving me insane. I haven't slept in during the week in forever. Thankfully, my hubby lets me sleep in on the weekends. I'm so NOT a morning person. I can take them to the park for 3-4 hours and not let them nap....they will still wake up at 6:45-7am..Ugh!!