Monday, January 5, 2009

Being held accountable

I think part of the key for me successfully completing my weight loss goal is to become "responsible" for it. I stumbled across the perfect thing out in a blog world earlier this afternoon called Manda's Minus 31 Challenge. Its basically losing weight to win something, but to me, its a lot more than that. I've always thrived on competition and always seem to fail without it. So I feel like its a win-win situation regardless of the fact that someone may lose the 31 lbs before me, there is nothing wrong with some healthy competition.

I'm so sore right now that it hurts to sit up lol. I'm definitely going to be stretching before I go to bed. Today I did 4 miles on the elliptical machine, 60 reps on the health rider, and a lot of free weight exercises. I'm going to sleep like a log tonight.


1 comment:

Karyn said...

A little healthy competition is a good thing. Being accountable to someone is also a good motivator.

Wow! when you work out, you REALLY work out! Good for you! Bet those sore muscles actually feel GOOD, don't they? 'Cause they mean that you worked hard.