Thursday, November 6, 2008

Failure....that's my new name

I HATE Halloween and the fact that I can't find 30 minutes in the day to exercise. The candy has got to go. I won't even go in to detail with the amount of candy I have consumed. I have three kids that each has a basket full of candy, just to give you an idea of what I'm doing in between cleaning and caring for my 1 month old baby. I'm actually on the verge of tears because I know Monday's weigh-in will just depress me even more:( I'm really hating myself right now. How am I ever gonna reach my goal like this??? What kind of example am I setting for my kids?? Some people say I'm being too hard on myself since I just had my baby a month ago. But I don't want to use that as an excuse to eat because it shouldn't play a factor in my unhealthy eating and lack of exercise. I just want to crawl in bed and hide for a while. NO chance of that happening.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't post until now. But I hope you are feeling better. We all have periods of feeling bad about ourselves, that's a given. Especially when we're depriving ourselves of things we want to eat. But you can do this. We are all in the same position. And even though at times it seems like we'll never make it, I know we can and will. If you ever need to talk, just leave a comment on my blog.

Karyn said...

Having a 1 month old baby is NOT an excuse to eat poorly, you are right.

However, having a 1 month old baby and 3 other small children makes getting 30 minutes at a time to exercise a MAJOR challenge.

Try to take 5 minutes at a time - several times a day.

I had a friend who rode a stationary bike while her kids watched Sesame Street - would something like that work for you?

Don't be too hard on yourself about the candy - as soon as your kids won't notice, get rid of the rest of it.

In the meantime, forgive yourself and go on. This journey to fabulous is not going to be without potholes....we all give in sometimes - the trick is to NOT GIVE UP!!!

I hope that you are feeling more positive again. I see you haven't posted for awhile - hopefully, that is because you are too busy chasing kiddies and being a wife - not because you are too discouraged.

Your posts take me back to having little ones (I had 5) I know it is a rather hectic time and you feel like you can never get time for yourself - but it is also a precious that goes by all too quickly. Enjoy it...and don't let worrying about your weight rob you of the joys of having little ones.

Karyn said...


Glad to hear you are feeling more positive.

Obviously, you have a good man - his support is critical and if he is willing to give you 30 minutes a day, he is a keeper.

Just don't push yourself too hard for awhile yet....remember, you are still post partum.

I'll be checking in...I'm looking forward to watching your success!