Monday, October 27, 2008

I Hope This Continues

I'm down 5 lbs from last Monday and I'm so happy:) I know that I'm still losing "baby" weight, but I don't care. Its another 5 lbs. that I don't have to ever see again. I ate really well last week. And with four kids, I feel like I did plenty of exercise because I really don't sit down much until Clarence (hubby) gets home from work. I'm going to try walking 2 miles on the treadmill during nap time. There is no way on earth I'm taking my children out in this dreary cold Minnesota weather.


nmburleson said...

Wow 5 pounds that great!

Anonymous said...

Five pounds gone!! That's great!!!

Karyn said...

5 pounds is wonderful!!! Congrats!

BTW...I've ready many places that if you cannot walk for 1 hour at a time, walk for 10 minutes at once, several times a day - it adds up to the same benefits. So they say. At any rate, it may be easier to find 10 minute segments a few times than to find a one hour segment all at once. And even if it isn't AS beneficial, it sure can't hurt!