Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coming Up For Air:)

Hello gang!!

I know I haven't posted in a bit but I'm still alive and kickin';)I think I've must of made an attempt to blog a dozen times in the last week.  My apologies.

Packing up a house you have live in for almost 6 years is no easy task with five children!!!I'm tired all the time, but a happy kind of tired.  I can't wait to wake up in our new house and new neighborhood.   I'm REALLY over the ridiculous paperwork and the amount of phone calls I have to make in order to make sure things go smoothly with the move.  I think once we're move in, we'll be living out of boxes for a while.  

As far as eating healthy and stay on track goes, I've been doing pretty well.  Nothing really got in they way of my making the right choices and exercising. Had a little treat at Sonic Drive-In(LOVE that place and how the kids react to us being there!!They think its so cool to eat in the van lol).  Its all about moderation.

This morning I had to kick my own ass to get out of bed to work out.  I did way too much yesterday and my body was just in chill out mode.  I don't think I sat down until about 1030 last night. I kept saying to myself  "you can sleep in Saturday; "get your ass up";"come on its only one hour, be good to yourself".  Then I started saying *insert yawn here* "It feels so good lying in bed next to hubby"; "I could always make up for today some other time".  This went on for about a good 20 min before I wiped away those eye buggers and put on my workout clothes.  I'm probably going to have many more mornings like this(as we all do) but its so worth it in the long run to tough it out and take time for me!

Well its finally nap, I mean "quiet" time, so I need to do some more packing while I can.  I hope you all are doing well out in the blogsphere!!


Anonymous said...

Hope things slow down for you soon!

Lisa Mancini said...

WTG for getting out of bed!!! I hope things definitely slow down after you get moved in!!