Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today I felt like there was no stopping me. Tuesday is most definitely MY most productive day;) Got my chores done, had leftovers for dinner, got the groceries delivered(a true blessing when you live in MN), did some reading, and spent quality time with the kids. Along with all of that I got my "me time" in an exercised and it felt awesome. This is day #4 of me working out. I've challenged myself to see if I could make it 30 days in row exercising. Some might say "that's not good for your joints" or "you're gonna wear yourself out". But what's the alternative?Being unhealthy? Feeling like crap all the time? No, I don't think that's the path I want to take anymore. I've invested too much time and effort into becoming a better person. I'm cross training for my 5K, so today was my "day off" from running.
Today's Stats:
Elliptical 50 min. 5.30 miles, 819 calories burned
30 bent over rows & 30 bicep curls-8lb. weights
50 ab crunches
1304 calories consumed
100 oz. H20
This is a totally random question but I would like to know what time of the day do you workout? Do you feel this is the only time you have to workout or is it that this is when you feel like you have the most energy to give it your all?I'm asking I guess because I get jealous of all the moms I know that are able to get up at 5am for a spin class, etc. and have the whole day to do whatever. I, on the other hand, workout during nap time. I put on my workout clothing while the kids eat, then get them cleaned up from lunch, read to them or something of that nature, get them upstairs for naps and then I dash downstairs like a mad woman. I'm not complaining about it but I just wish some days that I were a morning person lol. I'm always up at 7am but not by choice:D



jo said...

You get your groceries delivered? I'm green with envy! What a time/headache saver!

My favorite time to work out is early evening. I have the most energy then. However, with our schedule (homeschooling) in the past I have always worked out right after lunch. That worked out well until I decided to workout twice a day. I started at 9 this morning and will work out again either before or after supper.

I get my best calorie burns after supper.

mary @ designer of me said...

I like to work out in the evening after work because it feels like I can focus on just 'me' for the rest of the evening. I'd like to do some light exercise in the morning, but I usually read or spend some quiet time in a cafe that I like hehe.

Great job on accomplishing so much today!!