Monday, June 29, 2009

Weigh-In, Etc. Etc.

Sorry this is so late but I desperately needed to clean my house today. It was getting out of hand and driving me insane!!!I almost broke my neck on a toy last night! Anywho, I lost 1.1 lbs., bringing me to 156.3. I wasn't expecting that much since AF is here(for you guys, that's aunt flow, aka my period). I retain water like the Hoover Dam during my time of the month. Oh well, no sense crying over it. A loss is a loss!I also didn't drink nearly as much water as I normally would. For some reason, I just couldn't get around to drinking it all last week. Today, I finished with 120 oz. I'm trying to increase that but I have no clue how I would even be able to go on with my day with the repeated trips to the bathroom. I need to change up my workout routine. I got obsessed with the elliptical machine for the last few weeks and I think I might do nothing but exercise dvds for the remainder of the week to get some newness into the mix. I would use my treadmill, but the last time I used it, it started making this extremely loud noise when I would run 4mph or more. I have no idea how to go about getting it serviced:( Probably will cost me more to get it fixed than what it costs. Oh well, I need to figure out what to eat for a healthy snack then I'm going to some reading. Have a great week ya'll!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Halfway there

I normally only blog once a week, but I wanted to reflect a little on how far I've traveled on this journey and how much further I need to go. When I started this blog, I weighed in at 179.2 and I'm now 157.4. I feel awesome!!I have so much more energy nowadays. Its great to get so many things accomplished without feeling like a slug. For NSV, I'm now in a very comfortable size 10!!!!I haven't been that size since my 2nd child was born. I caught a sale at the Fashion Bug and stocked up on capris and I just knew there was no way I could fit into a size 10. Boy was I ever wrong!!It feels good to know that everything I'm doing for my body is working. I really hope that I'm inspiring someone out there. Even though I'm a mom of four children, I'm still thriving on this journey. I'm just in that "NOTHING can stop me" mode. I've been wondering if I should aim for 130 for my goal weight instead of the initial 136lb. goal that I set. I guess I'll access that thought once I see that number on the scale. As always I hope you all are having a great weekend!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Weigh-In, Etc. Etc.

OMG!!!!I'm in the 150s!!!I can't believe it!!!3.1 lbs. down this week:D I have the biggest smile on my face today. NO case of the Mondays for me lol. My hubby was ecstatic for me as well. His support means a great deal to me. I don't think I could be on this journey without him in my corner. I did my bra shopping online since I completed one of my goals, which was to get down to 159. I actually surpassed that goal!!I feel like I could take on the world today. Accomplishment is a great energy booster. I joined this neat this blog giveaway today for a few prizes. Its a fun little way to keep on track with my weight loss goal. Learning from past eating mistakes and temptations. I hope that everyone has a terrific week out in the weight loss world. I might be back later but first I have to feed my rugrats.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Weigh-In, Etc. Etc.

I'm so very close to my mini-goal of being in the 150s. I haven't been there since becoming pregnant with my 3rd child. I'm very pleased with how well I have been staying on track. I decided to take the day off from working out since I didn't get to bed until 1 am this morning. I don't think I would have been very productive even if I tried. Lately, I've fallen into the "frozen food diet" and I feel like I need to began cooking low calorie meals. I made Grilled Shrimp salad w/light ranch dressing which came to 437 calories. It was soooooooo good and filling!!!

I do think I've been lacking a little fiber so I've started taking Fibersure again. I've never been "regular" and I must tell you its no fun. I've also been trying to up my water intake. I can't seem to get in more than 100 oz a day. I wonder if that's enough though.

I've been really good so far with getting the kids out of the house daily(weather permitting). It makes me feel good seeing them enjoy being outside and its also a good way to have a great nap time lol. I'm not sure what we're going to be doing tomorrow though. I think its going to be the first day in which I don't have anything planned for them.

I think I'm gonna relax now and get under my blanket since my loving husband insists on having the a/c on. Brrrrrrrr its 60F in the house!!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Me!!!

This week I stepped it up a ton!! I lost FOUR pounds!!!!!!I'm on cloud nine regardless of the fact that its been raining for three days. Here's what I did for workouts this week:

6/1/09 Monday

Miles: 4.84
Calories burned: 751
Time: 60:32 min.

6/2 Tuesday
5.08 miles, 60.21 min., 787 calories burned

10 tricep extensions
30 bicep curls (both using 10lb weights)
20 chest press (using resistance bands)
10 min stretch

6/3 Wednesday
Running: Treadmill
Event Type: Uncategorized
Time: 01:17:47
Distance: 8.38 mi
Elevation Gain: --
Calories: 1,012 C

Copied from Garmin: Device Forerunner 50

6/4 Thursday-Rest

6/5 Friday
45 min.
4.08 miles
633 calories

6/6 Saturday
5.19 miles, 804 calories, 60:25 min.
100 crunches
20 bicep curls

6/7 rest

I'm super proud of myself:) I really focused on myself and did really well with my calories. I stayed within 1200-1300 calories everyday. I found new foods to try so that I wouldn't get bored. I didn't think it would be easy to get full off of such a low calorie amount, but its totally possible.

I can't wait until this horrible weather clears. The kids are driving me insane! They insist on waking up before 7am. This is not cool for a mom who's never ever going to be a morning person. BLAH!! Oh well, nothing lasts forever right? I suppose I should feed the kids since they've been up for about an hour. Have a great week everyone!!