Friday, April 10, 2009

Exhausted, Frustrated, Tired

So my 6 year old son Malique is not feeling well. Went upstairs this morning to wake him for breakfast but smelled something unreal in the boys' room. Apparently, he vomited last night, didn't bother to tell anyone and also did #2. I actually cried at the sight of my son not only sleeping in that filth but not bothering to tell anyone. I have spent the entire day cleaning up after him along with taking care of his three siblings. I'm TIRED!! Guess what just happened a few minutes ago??? Malique screams and cries(vomited/pooped) yet didn't let anyone know. I'm so pissed and tired. Being a parent is the hardest job I've ever had. So I'm pretty sure our Easter Holiday weekend is shot to hell. How do you go somewhere praying that your kid won't throw up all over himself???I have no clue what to do with the other three yet keep it low key. We were going to surprise them by taking them to the MN Zoo to see the Farm Babies and take pictures with Peter Rabbit:(Man I don't know how the hell I got through this damn day. I hope this stress doesn't affect my weigh-in tomorrow. I really need to get out of this house but I don't think it would be fair to leave Clarence home with the kids and he's still not 100% from his illness that started last week. Going to relax (if that's possible)and watch some TV with hubby.


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